Try Not to Get SATISFIED Minecraft Challenge!


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DanTDM tries the Minecraft Try Not To Get Satisfied Challenge!
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  • Eric Collins
    Eric Collins2 hours ago

    7:23 cool

    DWEAM GAMING13 hours ago

    umm Dan face palmed? uhh who says dat?

  • Big oli’s gaming Channel
    Big oli’s gaming Channel3 days ago


  • Johnson Okafor
    Johnson Okafor3 days ago

    I think the ender dragon can break bedrock

  • johnnh
    johnnh3 days ago

    Dan im pretty sure those shaders are "sildurs vibrant" or smthng my friends a nerd about them

  • Jen Connell
    Jen Connell3 days ago


  • Jen Connell
    Jen Connell3 days ago

    1000 walls versus with her wolfs wuill

    YEEYEEJUICE 15 days ago


  • Alison Irwin
    Alison Irwin6 days ago

    Dan: The environment Me: Dont burn bamboo that should be saved for the pandas!

  • Evan
    Evan8 days ago

    Elyra Flying is satisfying -- Dantdm

  • Jonna Belle Briones
    Jonna Belle Briones9 days ago

    Its march 16 what are u talking about

  • SomeOne
    SomeOne9 days ago

    6:56 best voice crack ever

  • Hayden [shorts]
    Hayden [shorts]10 days ago

    What happend to link to vidioe in description

  • Epic Pom Pom 33
    Epic Pom Pom 3311 days ago

    "It's satisfying how they all fall down and die" ~bRuh~

  • Spurs_supporter10 Poo
    Spurs_supporter10 Poo11 days ago

    Is it just me or can any of you barely hear the sounds

  • Matt Herring
    Matt Herring12 days ago

    Your the best USplanr ever

  • Caleb The scary puppy
    Caleb The scary puppy12 days ago

    don't lie you got satisfied sooo many times

  • Caleb The scary puppy

    Caleb The scary puppy

    12 days ago

    sure at some points in the video you were not satisfied but most of the video

  • Luke Bykov
    Luke Bykov13 days ago

    Dan at the beggining of the video: if i do this face do i loose? Dan after the whole video:didn't do the face. He won!........right?......(goes back to read the rules) be right back in 84 years

  • Samomari
    Samomari15 days ago


  • Talha Murad
    Talha Murad15 days ago

    Dan: I'm a Minecraft veteran Also Dan: Minecraft portal

  • NEL Gaming
    NEL Gaming16 days ago

    dan: and when they fall and die I find that satisfying me: ????

  • Ken Van Hook
    Ken Van Hook16 days ago

    he smacked the portal

  • Zhuji
    Zhuji16 days ago

    I bet Dan Hasnt seen MinecraftICE2020

  • Sophia Zeh
    Sophia Zeh18 days ago

    7:17 is my favorite

  • KabobKing
    KabobKing18 days ago

    Video:*animals whining and flying* Dan:OH JEEZ!!

  • matt the minecraft pro
    matt the minecraft pro18 days ago

    u were satisfied

  • aaron ash
    aaron ash18 days ago

    Dan: oh no the environment Me: it's Minecraft!

  • Paul Scagliotti
    Paul Scagliotti20 days ago

    Also I’m an fan

  • Paul Scagliotti
    Paul Scagliotti20 days ago

    Nice and I never got that face ;-; Idiots

  • Chârmy Chërry
    Chârmy Chërry21 day ago

    Dan:That’s cool me: What about all those animals who had lives-

  • Korbin St-Onge
    Korbin St-Onge21 day ago

    Nether dragon

  • Pengu Playz
    Pengu Playz22 days ago

    Dan did you fall asleep listening to the minecraft theme? I NEED ANSWERS

  • Robert Diamond
    Robert Diamond22 days ago

    Love you damtdm

  • a q
    a q24 days ago


  • sergio armijo
    sergio armijo25 days ago

    pause it at 0:06 and you get the face your dad makes when you get a F on a test

  • The Boy Is Epic
    The Boy Is Epic25 days ago

    1:18 he lost

  • sundaycottage
    sundaycottage26 days ago

    the portal 1 is in f1 mode and you can break it

  • Charlie Murray
    Charlie Murray29 days ago


  • Jody Smeed
    Jody Smeed29 days ago

    hi dan just a qhick thing if you have no internet on your pc or lap top press space in you will start playing a game space is jump ive also been a fan sins you started your my faveiuorte youtuber

  • EvanTheMinecraftKid
    EvanTheMinecraftKidMonth ago

    if u are on computer type in awesome and the progress bar turns rainbow it is sooo cool try it out just watch a youtube vid and type awesome and it works dont type in the search bar tho

  • KK Chan
    KK ChanMonth ago

    Please play dragon fear

  • Olivia Mcglone
    Olivia McgloneMonth ago

    Dan: Minecraft asmr Subtitles: Minecraft we smar

  • 12team
    12teamMonth ago

    For me shaders brake my worlds

  • 12team
    12teamMonth ago

    If I dig dimonds I get 1 diamond

  • Coconut
    CoconutMonth ago

    Hi Dan

  • Not-A-Boomer YT
    Not-A-Boomer YTMonth ago

    That was me when I was a noob at Minecraft lol 10:09

  • heavenwould
    heavenwouldMonth ago

    i lose

  • Rudi Lane
    Rudi LaneMonth ago

    Do minecraft week again

  • Xuan Kai Tan
    Xuan Kai TanMonth ago

    DanTDM, Can you reveal your password please

  • GalaxyGoop Animations
    GalaxyGoop AnimationsMonth ago

    Dan: don’t trust the Minecraft dogs, guys. Grim: **cries**

  • Isaac and Friends

    Isaac and Friends

    Month ago

    Y is not

  • Caleb Ritchie
    Caleb RitchieMonth ago

    Hes 100% changed

  • Rupert Water pig
    Rupert Water pigMonth ago

    I’m 2% satisfied

  • Jase DeJong
    Jase DeJongMonth ago

    Ok Dan I know you got satisfied and you can’t deny that.

  • John Fitch
    John FitchMonth ago

    8:00 Look at his shadow, the wings are flying, so even if he is in creative mode, he's still flying...

  • Spatium Ranger
    Spatium RangerMonth ago

    did he just said ooof while blasting the nether portal?

  • MegaDragon6699 YT
    MegaDragon6699 YTMonth ago

    You can punch a nether portal and it breaks Daniel Middleton. The self preclaimed Minecraft veteran

  • RubyGamez
    RubyGamezMonth ago

    Guys i dont care if it was Minecraft tbh ATLEAST he uploaded for each day cause he never uploads :(

  • Ninja Bros.
    Ninja Bros.Month ago

    shaem poppys nah

  • VEX
    VEXMonth ago

    9:10 epic

  • Wan Zahrin
    Wan ZahrinMonth ago


  • Saidal Khan
    Saidal KhanMonth ago

    Classic dan says "the link will be in the description" lol there is no link.

  • Nateyboi
    NateyboiMonth ago

    Subscribe to nateyboi channel should be deadpool

  • Thefruityloopster
    ThefruityloopsterMonth ago

    0:12 a cursed face

  • Karen Lane
    Karen LaneMonth ago

    he said a bad word a 0:47

  • Timothy O'Shea
    Timothy O'SheaMonth ago

    7:26 Amazing

  • Leigh Anne Hastings
    Leigh Anne HastingsMonth ago

    Block craft plz

  • Varian & Rudiger YT #teamVarian
    Varian & Rudiger YT #teamVarianMonth ago

    4:30 me and my cousin playing Minecraft and her putting up with all my wolves when I was 7

  • Fionn Moran
    Fionn MoranMonth ago

    If Dan was quiet I could hear

  • Alexander Starkey

    Alexander Starkey

    Month ago


  • Alexander Starkey

    Alexander Starkey

    Month ago


  • Maya Alhjaj
    Maya AlhjajMonth ago

    Dan just admit it and say I'm satisfied we all know how satisfied you are 🤣🤣🤣

  • JourneyKraft
    JourneyKraftMonth ago

    Hi Dan this game I just went through my work to start my new year and I got to the gym I was with a friend and green green orange green yellow green orange orange yellow green green yellow green orange orange yellow green green orange green

  • JourneyKraft


    Month ago


  • Alexander Starkey

    Alexander Starkey

    Month ago


  • Alexander Starkey

    Alexander Starkey

    Month ago


  • Alexander Starkey

    Alexander Starkey

    Month ago


  • octo world
    octo worldMonth ago

    Do Minecraft month

  • Peep Frog
    Peep FrogMonth ago

    This is a side before I’ve never seen from dan 3:46

  • RmgRxg
    RmgRxgMonth ago

    9:13 that’s not an edit

  • melted choklo
    melted chokloMonth ago


  • Geoffrey Camilleri
    Geoffrey CamilleriMonth ago

    That had elytra i saw the shadow

  • SynoVirus
    SynoVirusMonth ago

    4:37 legit technoblade

  • Shine
    ShineMonth ago


  • GucciFlipFl0pz L
    GucciFlipFl0pz LMonth ago

    0:46 did Dan swear or I’m dumb??

  • Nyanking12
    Nyanking12Month ago

    Pause at the time when it breaks and then theres some satifying stuff ( 9:13 )

  • Dre Van Kasteren
    Dre Van KasterenMonth ago

    Can you doo 100 dogs vs the raid

  • Dayontez Williams
    Dayontez WilliamsMonth ago

    Friend tell me a joke Me:I am your 𝘽𝙁𝙁, your 𝘽𝘳𝘰𝘬𝘦 𝙁𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘯𝘥 𝙁𝘰𝘳𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳

  • Psycho Respawn
    Psycho RespawnMonth ago


  • Mark Palacio
    Mark PalacioMonth ago

    I didn’t get pinned

  • kevalin kimkitikunwilai
    kevalin kimkitikunwilaiMonth ago

    I’m not satisfied

  • Mhaide Estuudillo
    Mhaide EstuudilloMonth ago

    Dan when the guy kills 1 tree: NOO! STOP! Dan when the guy teleports all the peacefully living creatures to him self and kills all of them: ah yes,NO.3

  • Manggus Haryono
    Manggus HaryonoMonth ago

    U noob u can doo \summon ender_dragon

  • DishyLobster683 bruh
    DishyLobster683 bruhMonth ago

    I wish Dan made mcpe content

  • Nacho Playz
    Nacho PlayzMonth ago


  • Mel Beer
    Mel BeerMonth ago

    you can hide your envintry

  • Justin Garrett
    Justin GarrettMonth ago

    tell me how to send fan art plz.

  • ToastyBread
    ToastyBreadMonth ago


  • M Hossain
    M Hossain2 months ago

    you just said, at the beginning of the video, that it was 10min but it was 12min :I

  • Calum Warman
    Calum Warman2 months ago

    love you vids

  • Alyssa Caitlyn ong
    Alyssa Caitlyn ong2 months ago

    "Elytra flying is satisfying" The best rhyming sentence he has ever said

  • Alexander Starkey

    Alexander Starkey

    Month ago


  • xxDoggo Loverxx

    xxDoggo Loverxx

    2 months ago


  • Jaydon Roth
    Jaydon Roth2 months ago

    Dan: WAS that a LION?! Horse: ROAR

  • roseavelt058 :P
    roseavelt058 :P2 months ago

    The ender dragon is a girl bc there is an egg so the ender dragon is a girl bc she layer an egg Layed*

  • Anneliese Delaunay
    Anneliese Delaunay2 months ago

    Wen uyt hdtnllh ytt

  • Probably Bendy’s cousin
    Probably Bendy’s cousin2 months ago

    6:55 rhyme time

  • Kirstie Denton
    Kirstie Denton2 months ago


  • Kirstie Denton
    Kirstie Denton2 months ago