My EPIC Bedwars Return! *3 WINS*


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  • Olivia Strole
    Olivia StroleHour ago

    I literally got an account, made a yet channel, got yelled at, and faked my age just so I could tell you that at 1:50 Dan gets in a pvp fight and in the background he plays naruto music. I’m a weeb, sorry but I CANNOT let this slide without telling someone about it.

  • THE 7.7 gaming
    THE 7.7 gaming6 hours ago

    That's nothing compare to The almighty Technoblade

  • Immanuel Lee Long
    Immanuel Lee Long7 hours ago

    He says the ping inst nice me I Bing on 121 ms

  • i
    i8 hours ago

    Be honest, would you kill dan in bedwars????

  • Dogeinator
    Dogeinator12 hours ago


  • Millie Moo
    Millie Moo13 hours ago

    Dan: im dead im dead me: hums im dead (by endigo)

  • sakar ojha
    sakar ojha14 hours ago

    I can speed bridge way faster in bedwars android.Dan :0

  • Ethan su
    Ethan su18 hours ago

    4:10 it blocks so well as well

  • imfraxy.
    imfraxy.Day ago

    Dan is literally winning by killing red team in a row

  • MoizBoii
    MoizBoiiDay ago

    Isnt anyone gonna talk about Dan putting naruto Music in this vid

  • melths 212
    melths 212Day ago


  • Mumen Rider
    Mumen RiderDay ago

    Thumbnail 3 wins Me:0nly have 3 wins techno has 1000

  • Skills_For_Gamers
    Skills_For_GamersDay ago

    *sigh remember when bedwars was this easy.. now its all sweats

    RUSHAN TUBE2 days ago

    How do u block with a sword

  • Teegste
    Teegste2 days ago

    dan running on Badlion? Sheesh

  • Elias Cormican
    Elias Cormican2 days ago

    Techno blade: 3 wins wow I don’t think I could ever beat that

  • Will Chadburn
    Will Chadburn2 days ago

    dan: Im Lagging Meanwhile, his ping: Ill give u 3

  • callum wardell
    callum wardell2 days ago

    who else realised that he was using 1.16 at the start

  • Vighnesh Madhavan Dilip
    Vighnesh Madhavan Dilip2 days ago

    this video is my birthday gift I received 3 days after my birthday but I opened it on 3-3-2021 😂😂😂

  • B.C.H_ KingFish
    B.C.H_ KingFish2 days ago

    lol keep pressing 6 on your keybord on fullscreen

  • J3FFY10
    J3FFY103 days ago

    Recommendation Use 1 of these texture pack Timedeo's pack RKY Fault V2 Bedlessnoob pack "Might crash you minecraft but is the best one"

  • Faith Walker
    Faith Walker3 days ago

    The second time you “lagged” you didn’t actually lag you just didn’t charge your bow up completely don’t blame your skills on lag Dan it’s embarrassing

  • H8tred
    H8tred3 days ago

    he does realize he suks at bedwars

  • Heroman74
    Heroman743 days ago

    I think he's ready to 1v1 technoblade

  • Aadhyanth K
    Aadhyanth K4 days ago

    when you've been sweating bedwars since the beginning of time and you realise dantdm's better than you

  • 「 Louvly 」
    「 Louvly 」4 days ago

    Why is it so weird to watch someone play without a texture pack? *is that just me?*

  • Bubbles
    Bubbles4 days ago

    3:49 Dan: speedbridges and thinks its a big milestone *someone asking bedless noob can u breezily bridge*: bedless noob : did u mean easily bridge?

  • Bubbles
    Bubbles4 days ago

    Hes casually playing on the latest version instead of 1.8.9

  • Parsa R.K.P

    Parsa R.K.P

    3 days ago

    Yeah idk why nobody else made a comment on that

  • -
    -4 days ago

    DanTDM Vs Wallibear

  • SK jabed ali
    SK jabed ali4 days ago

    Bruv use obsidian instead

  • JoelMC
    JoelMC4 days ago

    14:04 deniz calling dan a hacker

  • LoneCrafter
    LoneCrafter4 days ago

    The legend cam bsck to the game

  • bubble tea
    bubble tea4 days ago

    1.8.9 yeet 1.16 im still here

  • Shalom Mugenzi
    Shalom Mugenzi5 days ago

    i’m lagging i’m lagging so bad- continues to have 3 ping

  • Joshua Riggi
    Joshua Riggi5 days ago

    Dan did I kill anyone me.. you kill pink 5 secs ago

  • Yunus Siddique
    Yunus Siddique5 days ago


  • Zakiy
    Zakiy5 days ago

    more bedwars pleaassee!!

  • xLilxSkittlex
    xLilxSkittlex5 days ago

    You have been playing Minecraft for so long yet u are 2 star

  • Titas
    Titas5 days ago

    Whats the version that he is playing on?

  • Nuuxzie
    Nuuxzie5 days ago

    His FPS tho😩

  • Aeehhh_itss_ya_boii
    Aeehhh_itss_ya_boii5 days ago

    Try 1.8 bedward it’s much better

  • Tranime Weebb
    Tranime Weebb5 days ago

    I saw this vid in my recommend and under is techno blade 1400 windstreak lmaooo

  • IamChimken
    IamChimken6 days ago

    Ur not even good lmao techno better

  • Nathan Medved
    Nathan Medved6 days ago

    Dan: 3 wins EPIC comeback! Techno: Ima end this mans whole career

  • MrBeast 4
    MrBeast 46 days ago

    Dear Dan There is something you should try doing its called looking in chat that is where you can tell that they are DEAD

  • Patrick Productions

    Patrick Productions

    15 hours ago

    Hi fake mrbeast

  • Martin Mayor
    Martin Mayor7 days ago

    btw when ur playing stuff with pvp u should go on 1.8.9

  • UNknown boi

    UNknown boi

    6 days ago

    He's on 1.8 only

  • oxtricky
    oxtricky7 days ago

    is nobody gonna talk about the fps, what even happens when dan gets a texture pack-

  • Seth Swann
    Seth Swann7 days ago

    I've been watching this and I'm looking at his FPS........ HOW IS HE GETTING OVER 1000 FPS???!!!

  • Seth Swann
    Seth Swann7 days ago

    Everything from 00:37 really amazed me. Not saying everything else wasn't good, I just really liked the animation at the beginning

  • DaEpicNoob
    DaEpicNoob7 days ago

    His editor is really good

  • Paarth Singh
    Paarth Singh7 days ago

    My man has 17 trillion views on his yt brooooooo

  • Virtual Vacation
    Virtual Vacation8 days ago

    1:50 epic naruto music ensues

  • Michael Abebe
    Michael Abebe8 days ago

    you were a hacker when you used the tnt tick to break black teams bed

  • IamChimken


    6 days ago


  • Kingston Laboucan
    Kingston Laboucan8 days ago

    Can you speed bridge without crouching because i can but im not trying to brag tho so if anyone is offended by this im sorry

  • Christian Jay Alarcon
    Christian Jay Alarcon8 days ago

    I am so mad too destroy my bed

  • Seán Dunne
    Seán Dunne8 days ago

    Dan you should do Minecraft death runs again

  • Isaac Ramirez
    Isaac Ramirez8 days ago

    Dan: Ping is so bad The ping: 12 ms

  • Jennifer Stamp
    Jennifer Stamp9 days ago

    I love dantdm as a youtuber

  • Team Cryptic
    Team Cryptic9 days ago

    Is this hypixel

  • Boi_Bye
    Boi_Bye9 days ago

    Dan *speed bridges* : let’s goo Me *finds a village while flying in creative* : LeTsS gOoOoOoOo My mom: *gives me death stare* Also me: *RuNs 4 mY lIfE* Edit: yes I liked my own post- deal with it-

  • Mr.
    Mr.9 days ago

    Life Hack :make a crafting table by buying wood planks and get the diamonds to make full diamond armor :>

  • Tomas A.
    Tomas A.9 days ago

    you are kinda bad

  • IamChimken


    6 days ago

    Agree his purchases are bad and he plays on 1.16

  • DaEpicNoob
    DaEpicNoob10 days ago

    Dan: ping is bad Also Dan: *plays at 2ms*

  • VeniVidiVici _u2
    VeniVidiVici _u210 days ago

    How can Dan not speedbridge but perfectly tnt jump???

  • JD Campos
    JD Campos10 days ago

    Dan there's a way to be better at PVP if you look at the bar thing when you hold your sword you need to time it right and jump and hit in the right timing jump when you hit the ground quickly hit and it does more damage then just slice slice slice

  • actuallynocakay
    actuallynocakay10 days ago

    him not useing 1.8.9 makes me mad

  • IamChimken


    6 days ago

    @EggLordWasTaken his texture is 1.16

  • EggLordWasTaken


    9 days ago

    he is tho, he's block hitting :/

  • Golden Crystal
    Golden Crystal10 days ago

    Try to Telly Bridge

  • BadBlock
    BadBlock10 days ago

    Pug cam

  • kornoceros K
    kornoceros K10 days ago

    Dan can you do more bedwars I love this videos

  • Games Cager
    Games Cager10 days ago

    that explanation was epic 😂

  • Sebastian Scott
    Sebastian Scott10 days ago

    yoooo, play on 1.8.9 for bedwars, its a lot cleaner for pvp

  • R3alRazX
    R3alRazX10 days ago

    The lack of 1.8 is so infuriating

  • BinaryPotato


    7 days ago

    He’s block hitting, I think he just has the sweeping edge mod on

  • kafro_2008
    kafro_200810 days ago

    do another one pls

  • louis collett
    louis collett10 days ago

    and were just going to ignore the fact he's not on 1.8

  • louis collett

    louis collett

    7 days ago

    @BinaryPotato but it shows his shield so he's on 1.16

  • BinaryPotato


    7 days ago

    He is, he’s block hitting

  • Killer-_-2 what is a last name?????
    Killer-_-2 what is a last name?????10 days ago

    yo did he just call out technoblade

  • Marcohyourboi
    Marcohyourboi10 days ago

    wait dantdm use badlion client?

  • [Grevct67]
    [Grevct67]11 days ago

    The fact that i have a higher CPS than DanTDM is amazing :)

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya11 days ago

    Dan: 12 ping Also Dan: the ping is not nice.

  • Justanotherperson
    Justanotherperson11 days ago

    Leave it to Dan to fall in a hole small enough to run over LMAO

  • Eyewater
    Eyewater11 days ago

    Anyone just saw that Dan killed PURPLED IN THE 2nd MATCH

  • YeetMaterThekingofdoggo :D
    YeetMaterThekingofdoggo :D11 days ago

    ...3 wins? ( THIS IS NOT A HATE COMMENT) i get 5 wins :/

  • salman hakim
    salman hakim11 days ago

    Speed bride is ez

  • Zee Syed
    Zee Syed11 days ago

    Technoblade: *amateur*

  • Elkan Tan
    Elkan Tan11 days ago

    He’s nit the best at pvp lol

  • Yahya Ay
    Yahya Ay11 days ago

    why did Dan not switch to 1.8

  • HowDoIPlayMC707
    HowDoIPlayMC70712 days ago

    3:38 finally 1.8.9...

  • JohnnyDP
    JohnnyDP12 days ago


  • Lucky_YT
    Lucky_YT12 days ago

    U seriously have 600fps i only get max 80

  • Jack Stubbs
    Jack Stubbs12 days ago

    plz do more of these vids ive watch this 12 times

    SPACE MAX GAMING12 days ago

    DanTDM = Giga Brain

  • MatRD20
    MatRD2012 days ago

    *wait until dan sees cross-teamers*

  • L Hodgx
    L Hodgx12 days ago

    I'm a boss at bed wars

  • Matthew Plays
    Matthew Plays12 days ago


  • Mánus McErlean
    Mánus McErlean13 days ago

    how does he have a steady 20ms in the uk but i've got a steady 100ms? ive got good internet aswell

  • Terrificle
    Terrificle13 days ago

    dan explains things so well

  • Vihaan Singla
    Vihaan Singla13 days ago

    Play on 1.8.9 so U can spam click

  • Vihaan Singla
    Vihaan Singla13 days ago

    Dan use lunar client

  • Benjago
    Benjago13 days ago

    Dan: *I WON YAHHHH* Bedless, techno and other pro's: *you think you can overcome us?*

  • Azoz
    Azoz13 days ago

    14:04 Deniz: hack

  • your mom101
    your mom10113 days ago

    Me love the naruto music