I've Started Rapping Again...


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  • Itz Giftz
    Itz Giftz12 minutes ago

    1:05:42 and 1:05:46 lol

  • PlushSonic Earth
    PlushSonic EarthHour ago

    51:41 Everyone gets covid

  • Pico Luna
    Pico Luna2 hours ago

    I love this game so much

  • Maddy Thegirlygamer
    Maddy Thegirlygamer3 hours ago

    Dan it was 2020/2021 not 2022

  • Louis Gutierrez
    Louis Gutierrez8 hours ago

    When are you gonna play Friday night funkin

  • kartoondscoot
    kartoondscoot10 hours ago

    there is a parappa the rapper anime on youtube but it has some swearing so dont show it on the channel @dantdm

  • Caytheboss
    Caytheboss10 hours ago

    The 3rd one comes out in 2021

  • Stanley Boi
    Stanley Boi12 hours ago


  • redgirl five
    redgirl five12 hours ago


  • Izuku Midoryia
    Izuku Midoryia13 hours ago

    Dan, thats not how your supposed to spam it.

  • ItzTokyoGamingYT
    ItzTokyoGamingYT14 hours ago

    Me: looks at dans face* Dan: Blah blah blah Me again: “ᴅᴀɴ sʜᴀᴠᴇ.“

  • Jeffrey Larkin
    Jeffrey Larkin14 hours ago

    Anyone watching in 2021

  • zeynep demir
    zeynep demir18 hours ago

    dan has not is has

  • zeynep demir
    zeynep demir18 hours ago

    Dan is has grew a beard, WE'VE REACHED THE IMPOSSIBLE!!!

  • otgboiii
    otgboiii23 hours ago

    Wait did the old man make Dan his slave to server drinks and clean the floor

  • ꪶꫀꫝᥴꪖ᥅ꪶꫀᧁꪖᥴꪗ 2401
    ꪶꫀꫝᥴꪖ᥅ꪶꫀᧁꪖᥴꪗ 2401Day ago

    Friday Night Funkin Friday Night Funkin Friday Night Funkin Please

  • toggle core
    toggle coreDay ago

    Ah yes I remember downloading parappa the rapper on my computer and using unregistered hyper cam movie maker notes and ms paint

  • Carmelo Sahli
    Carmelo SahliDay ago


  • Mary Ann Antipuesto
    Mary Ann AntipuestoDay ago

    Wow fRiDay NiGhT funkin

  • Aiden Adams
    Aiden AdamsDay ago

    Alright he went through a mid life crisis

  • Colixos
    ColixosDay ago


  • Epic gamer Wiroseno
    Epic gamer WirosenoDay ago


  • Elite Groundbot
    Elite Groundbot2 days ago


  • Adrian surillo
    Adrian surillo2 days ago

    Memorys man memorys

  • Lovelyn Paulo
    Lovelyn Paulo2 days ago

    Dan have you heard of Friday night :P

  • Reina Pereira
    Reina Pereira2 days ago

    I have a smmothe

  • Reina Pereira

    Reina Pereira

    2 days ago

    Its so delishus

  • Nikki Blessed
    Nikki Blessed2 days ago

    Is Dan real

  • the clouds
    the clouds2 days ago

    LOL i thought this was gonna be 18 mins BUT ITS A WHOLE HOUR

  • Designer Goose1
    Designer Goose13 days ago

    Simply bizarre

  • The Minecraft Bunch

    The Minecraft Bunch

    2 days ago

    ok Designer goose

  • Amanda Haddon
    Amanda Haddon3 days ago

    No offense

  • Amanda Haddon
    Amanda Haddon3 days ago

    Rabbit the rapper has better flows in you

  • : Smiles
    : Smiles3 days ago

    This game kind of reminds me of Friday night Funkin

  • : Smiles

    : Smiles

    2 days ago


  • : Smiles

    : Smiles

    2 days ago


  • The Minecraft Bunch

    The Minecraft Bunch

    2 days ago

    It was inspired by it I think

  • Alejandro Reyes
    Alejandro Reyes3 days ago

    Please play happy wheels

  • Alejandro Reyes
    Alejandro Reyes3 days ago

    Play happy wheels

  • Fred Allen
    Fred Allen3 days ago

    My dad got a PS5 and we are gonna pick it up at best buy

  • Fred Allen

    Fred Allen

    2 days ago

    On March 10

  • Mikael Campa
    Mikael Campa3 days ago

    God that game gives me so many memories as a kid growing up

  • Littlebigdwolf
    Littlebigdwolf3 days ago

    Please play Unjammer Lammy

  • Landen Nguyen
    Landen Nguyen3 days ago

    dAN SaID T WorD I Am suINg

  • HD Dragun
    HD Dragun3 days ago

    Dan play Friday night funkin next

  • popol 4724
    popol 47243 days ago

    freind me on fortnite

  • Jasper Reyes
    Jasper Reyes3 days ago

    ... Wat

  • Andy C.
    Andy C.3 days ago

    parrapa the rapper is just friday night funking but nostalgic

  • Red Ore
    Red Ore3 days ago

    Dan in the thumbnail looks.....

  • Doc
    Doc4 days ago

    OG Friday night funkin'

  • Burberz
    Burberz4 days ago

    parapars a SIMP

  • RabbitJedi Thatwieldscarrots
    RabbitJedi Thatwieldscarrots4 days ago

    Pls shave Dan!!!! It looks so unnatural.....or it's just me lol

  • sonicfan 198
    sonicfan 1984 days ago

    48:25 giv u a perm naw and were perm edit also realized 56:09 dats alot o points

  • Srk
    Srk4 days ago

    Whens fnf

  • Toph Beifong
    Toph Beifong5 days ago

    Play fnf

  • AutumnDaFox
    AutumnDaFox5 days ago

    Watch the anime plz

  • simon cat
    simon cat5 days ago

    Forkknife Fortnite 1:05:55

  • Totally_ÙwÚ
    Totally_ÙwÚ5 days ago

    Can you play Friday Night Funkin??? It's a really fun rhythm game!!!

  • Kyriakos Selviaridis
    Kyriakos Selviaridis5 days ago

    It’s not best it’s COOL GOOD BAD AWFUL - - - - -

  • MrBean
    MrBean5 days ago

    22:56 that music reminds me of Mario maker 2 course world

  • Noob Yes
    Noob Yes5 days ago

    Nice video

  • Adel
    Adel6 days ago

    Rap hard Dan, dont stop rapping

  • Jason Sandgoat
    Jason Sandgoat6 days ago

    onion dab call the dab polise

  • GeckoGary
    GeckoGary6 days ago


  • Burrito Man
    Burrito Man6 days ago

    Parappa the rapper 3 For ps5

  • silent games
    silent games6 days ago


  • ʀᴏʏᴀʟᴇ ᴍᴏᴏɴᴄᴀᴋᴇ
    ʀᴏʏᴀʟᴇ ᴍᴏᴏɴᴄᴀᴋᴇ6 days ago

    If you liked this... *you should play Friday*

  • Karri Rosenbloom
    Karri Rosenbloom7 days ago


  • Calamari


    7 days ago

    Question: what are you puking at exactly?

  • Giant
    Giant7 days ago

    I watched this while eating noodles

  • Sophia Morales
    Sophia Morales7 days ago

    Dannn you should play friday night funkin!

  • Agnieszka Karpinski
    Agnieszka Karpinski7 days ago

    OH GOD

  • Agnieszka Karpinski
    Agnieszka Karpinski7 days ago


  • neon09 king09
    neon09 king097 days ago

    Hmmm i think in the futhere there gonna be a paRappaTheRapper 3 i think?

  • Katherine Showalter
    Katherine Showalter8 days ago

    Omg at the part about the noodles I feel you one day I’m eating peanut butter straight from the jar the next day I can’t look at peanut butter without puking

  • Avas Cat dreams
    Avas Cat dreams8 days ago

    Nobody - Not even a single soul - Beard Ghost - my buns are very toasty Lol xd 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Liam Plankenhorn
    Liam Plankenhorn8 days ago

    do every level until your hat is black

  • Ashley Atienza
    Ashley Atienza8 days ago

    this.... feels weird

  • MohidGaming582
    MohidGaming5828 days ago

    [1:00] Dan: Look at the quality the quality is wild Me: I wanna see it My Internet: F*** Off (while playing it on 144p resolution)

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User8 days ago

    Wait I got an idea what if someone made a mod in friday night funkin that rappa is rspping

  • Larry the stick figure mastias
    Larry the stick figure mastias8 days ago

    There is a third game

  • Larry the stick figure mastias
    Larry the stick figure mastias8 days ago

    We need mat pat to figure out the lore

  • Alamin Khalaf
    Alamin Khalaf8 days ago

    51:42 its talking about covid 19

  • Alamin Khalaf
    Alamin Khalaf8 days ago

    43:49 very loling 😂😂😂😂😂

    OLB PLAYS8 days ago

    how did the person who pushed the button not see giant parrapa in the backround?

  • The visitor
    The visitor8 days ago

    this game is so cringy >:0

  • Amelia BOBER
    Amelia BOBER9 days ago

    Look whats holding the ropes its shocking-

  • Life666LifeLie's
    Life666LifeLie's9 days ago

    did anyone notice the front wheel didnt move? 37:58

  • Ethan Cyprus
    Ethan Cyprus9 days ago

    Hello scroll through this comment plz Keep scrolling Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll Ha I just wasted your time LOL

  • SpeedySocks
    SpeedySocks9 days ago

    All characters: Make your own rap The game:Nope

  • bartu aga
    bartu aga9 days ago

    can u pls stop this just play 3d games

  • justforfun xd
    justforfun xd10 days ago

    It says cool Not best And You gotta freestyle If you are on that range

  • GasterSeesAll
    GasterSeesAll10 days ago

    the bonus game for onion dude put his punch in over and over ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA

  • Motorway Gaming Channel
    Motorway Gaming Channel10 days ago

    He P R O T E C C He A T T A C C but most importantly Rapper Dan is B A C C

  • Life666LifeLie's
    Life666LifeLie's10 days ago

    ( ͡❛ ⍨ ͡❛) ME> 凸 ( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)凸

  • SpeedRush
    SpeedRush10 days ago

    Play um jammer lammy!

  • Quizard
    Quizard11 days ago

    I swear the in the thumbnail, Dan has WAY more beard than he does in the actual vid -.-

  • Harry Manship
    Harry Manship11 days ago

    29:32 Did anyone else hear a swear?

  • Party friend
    Party friend11 days ago

    fact: that person that saves your files is from UmJammerLammy

  • DriszyLynx
    DriszyLynx11 days ago

    Parapa- punch punch punch Boyfriend - ➡️⬅️⬆️➡️⬆️⬅️➡️

  • shrëk
    shrëk11 days ago

    Blah blah blah mams spaghetti arms are heavy I dont know the lyrics

  • Pingu P. Nootson IV
    Pingu P. Nootson IV11 days ago


  • hi I'm cool
    hi I'm cool12 days ago


  • • H a p p y •
    • H a p p y •12 days ago

    “Why are we doing this with our best friend” -DanTDM 2020(??)

  • Banana Eats
    Banana Eats12 days ago

    He finally got a beard

  • Dirtyshoegaming
    Dirtyshoegaming12 days ago

    How is this suggesting my channel

  • Andrea Osborne
    Andrea Osborne12 days ago

    Chinese Chinese Chinese Only real men get that reference