I Found The RARE END SHIP in Minecraft Hardcore!


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  • Scuffed Luma
    Scuffed Luma5 hours ago

    The one good thing about hardcore is that curse of vanish is useless ;)

  • PressStart Plays
    PressStart Plays8 hours ago

    how many of you remember what the tdm in his name stands for

  • empervor


    6 hours ago


  • Smidgen of a Pigeon
    Smidgen of a Pigeon16 hours ago

    14:18 I mean to be fair, so do you

  • TooTail Fox
    TooTail Fox21 hour ago

    Says curse of vanishing is terrible whilst playing a hardcore world 😂

  • TooTail Fox

    TooTail Fox

    15 hours ago

    @Bambam TFM probably

  • Bambam TFM

    Bambam TFM

    15 hours ago

    And also I think it’s just me and you watching it in 2021

  • Bambam TFM

    Bambam TFM

    15 hours ago

    Curse of binding though

  • Bambam TFM

    Bambam TFM

    15 hours ago


  • Siris
    Siris22 hours ago

    Hi Daniel Robert Middleton.. That’s right.. I see you. I know you I will get you Play poison the map for further instructions

  • Nafisakhan Mamatkasimova
    Nafisakhan Mamatkasimova23 hours ago

    Rip kopie

  • Anderson_x
    Anderson_xDay ago

    5:20 I should eat one of these potions...

  • tyler ellefsen
    tyler ellefsenDay ago


  • i new roblox man and i meyke new
    i new roblox man and i meyke newDay ago

    dan you can do it

  • Classify
    ClassifyDay ago

    Dan there is a 56.8 percent chance of a ship spawning with an end city if you want a spare elytra ;)

  • shawn paul
    shawn paul2 days ago

    Copy a tictoc mincraft video plz☺

    IMPOSTER GAMER2 days ago

    If you eat the snail looking things it telloports u to the place

  • JT Gaming
    JT Gaming2 days ago

    dan you need some kind of redstone contraption to make the head open and close

  • BJurv
    BJurv2 days ago

    It triggers me when dan says “Curse of Vanishing is SOOOO BAD” when in hardcore if you die THE ENTIRE WORLD GETS DELETED!!!!

  • lol boi
    lol boi2 days ago

    u know u just went past a city dan

  • mr Maximalus
    mr Maximalus2 days ago

    You know that your city had ship?

  • Clluxxシ
    Clluxxシ2 days ago

    ur awsome

  • Dream Jk
    Dream Jk2 days ago

    That’s sick

  • Asif muhamed shams
    Asif muhamed shams2 days ago

    also i will help out

  • Asif muhamed shams

    Asif muhamed shams

    2 days ago

    press exc and then press options then accessibility settings and put sneak to toggle and also sprint

  • mori linda
    mori linda3 days ago

    The fast atm bizarrely carry because saudi arabia gully work following a abundant sampan. vague, awful step-brother

  • Aarav Singh
    Aarav Singh3 days ago

    If you die in the series I will cry

  • Robbie that guy Barnes
    Robbie that guy Barnes3 days ago

    how many times did dan trigger you

    THEGAMINGJ3 days ago

    I found three end city’s right beside each other and they all had ships then I came home with tree elytras:)

  • Gavin Miller
    Gavin Miller4 days ago

    Lucky you. You got sooo many diamonds from the ship and I only got 10 when I searched the entire city. I play on 360 FYI

  • SPECIAL K beatz
    SPECIAL K beatz4 days ago

    3 years ago..... no way.

  • Adam #_#
    Adam #_#4 days ago

    Dan is stupid he just should have used his elytra to get to the end city

  • Darker Turn2.0
    Darker Turn2.04 days ago

    God loves you GO for him and Jesus Christ and don’t say oh my go# it’s a sin to god and Jesus Christ just say oh my gosh that is better but even if you say it he will still forget and forgive Amen👼🏻👼🏼👼🏽👼🏾👼🏿👼❤️🙇🏼‍♂️ no hate stay safe

  • he is
    he is5 days ago

    A end ship isn't rare

  • CP VX
    CP VX5 days ago


  • Jennifer Meech
    Jennifer Meech5 days ago

    Dan:hey why are there 2 portals? Me: *teleports to end city *

  • Jennifer Meech
    Jennifer Meech5 days ago


  • Cody DaSilva
    Cody DaSilva6 days ago

    Jeez Dan ur young and happy late birthday

  • Hailey plays
    Hailey plays6 days ago

    If you eat the chorus fruit then it tps you some where you don’t know where you are going to tp to so don’t eat them only if you want to I don’t control you you’re welcome btw

  • ttv_sparksthenoob .A
    ttv_sparksthenoob .A6 days ago

    u havent done a lot of things in minecraft. But you have been playing minecraft for about 7 years bro

  • Smg Mike
    Smg Mike6 days ago

    Gg .

  • Enrique BishotMink
    Enrique BishotMink6 days ago

    this is a year old i didn’t now that

  • Felipe Juraszek
    Felipe Juraszek6 days ago

    I love how Dan say eletra instead of elytra

  • cool Gamer_ 12
    cool Gamer_ 126 days ago

    5:22 eat???? did you mean drink

  • Terra Blade plays cod
    Terra Blade plays cod6 days ago

    I found 8 in my world yesterday

  • Jude Seaman
    Jude Seaman6 days ago

    He said eat a poshin

  • Archie Davies
    Archie Davies6 days ago

    I found the end city and got the Electra and beat mincraft

  • Fatos Elezi
    Fatos Elezi6 days ago

    if you eat a endcore you teleport

    KENZIE LOKESWARA6 days ago

    When i got to the 2th dimension in the end i spawn in a island that is close to the rnd city

  • ayrton ong
    ayrton ong6 days ago

    The soggy german definitely scare because helmet superficially jail along a melodic seashore. high-pitched, thin wholesaler

  • Nolan Jones
    Nolan Jones7 days ago

    Dan: looks at endermen straight in the eyes. Me: HOW THE FRICK DID HE NOT DIE?

  • Mom Schroeder

    Mom Schroeder

    3 days ago


  • NezzKingxBros
    NezzKingxBros7 days ago

    The chorus plant or fruit It teleports you where you look

  • uksucks Yt
    uksucks Yt7 days ago

    Hi Dan I k ow this video is 1 year old but u can eat the chorus fruit to get to the islands

  • Ganbaatar Hongorzul
    Ganbaatar Hongorzul7 days ago

    Dan Curse Of Vanishing only disappears when u die

  • Arnoldo Soria
    Arnoldo Soria8 days ago

    At 10:24 Danton finds his ended buster in the wonder chest

  • Andrea Copley
    Andrea Copley8 days ago

    I spawned in and the ender ship was right there

  • Zoe Rodriguez
    Zoe Rodriguez8 days ago

    Dan tdm: End cities USplan Captions: N cities Dan tdm: Elitra USplan Captions: Elijah 🤣

  • RanaTech Gaming
    RanaTech Gaming8 days ago

    I literally got 3 end cities with end ship in just 100 blocks😅

  • Third Chot
    Third Chot8 days ago

    Omg!!! I also found an END SHIP I was so HAPPY!!! 😁😃⛴🛥⛵+✈🛩🛫

  • NS_Overhall
    NS_Overhall8 days ago

    5:20 u can see a city

  • isaac fisher
    isaac fisher8 days ago

    3:47 they both go the same place

  • isaac fisher
    isaac fisher8 days ago

    dan: im not sure the portal stay working for us after killing dragon game: you can respawn enderdragon everyone: to dan = -_-

  • diegolvc80
    diegolvc808 days ago

    i love your vids keep it up

  • jubina tamang
    jubina tamang9 days ago

    I found the end ship and the city god the elytra and got the head and killed the elder dragon

  • Oliver Lance
    Oliver Lance9 days ago

    why is he calling curse of vanishing bad when he is on hardcore lol

  • Herobrine Plays
    Herobrine Plays9 days ago

    For the people that is watching this in 2020 I thought his armor and sword were netheright

  • Herobrine Plays
    Herobrine Plays9 days ago

    Dan: Beats the wither and the ender dragon me: still trying to get iron in peaceful mode

  • Alyssa Garcia
    Alyssa Garcia9 days ago

    Hey, Dan, Did you know that if you build (in a straight line) 1000 blocks, in the end, you can enter the End City islands?

  • Geno Zack
    Geno Zack9 days ago

    I say alytra

  • Mohamed Ali
    Mohamed Ali9 days ago


  • Y Gaming
    Y Gaming9 days ago

    Beep bop bAp

  • Rebecca Hallett
    Rebecca Hallett9 days ago

    I k craig

  • Enough Ocean
    Enough Ocean9 days ago

    Dan: *RARE End Ships* Me: find 10 different ones 😅

  • AJGamerz


    7 days ago


  • Spearmint Gaming

    Spearmint Gaming

    8 days ago

    lol He just got unlucky 😆

  • Apple Tree
    Apple Tree9 days ago

    No it take you to different places but it can take you to the ship

  • Apple Tree
    Apple Tree9 days ago

    If you eat the cores plant you get slow falling

  • Pastelle Baka
    Pastelle Baka9 days ago

    What can I do with corous Plant You could eat it Idk

  • DogiBoyz YT
    DogiBoyz YT9 days ago

    dantdm: these suck becouse they have curse of vanishing also dantdm: playing Hardcore

  • ChilliFrilly
    ChilliFrilly9 days ago

    Does he know that it doesn't matter about curse of vanishing in hardcore cause if you did and loose them you can't respawn anyway.

  • aleksander hay
    aleksander hay9 days ago

    End ships aren't rare

  • Nicholas Ra
    Nicholas Ra10 days ago

    Who loves how dantdm says inventory it sounds satisfiying to me

  • Invisible Guy
    Invisible Guy10 days ago

    The video that started me off on minecraft

  • Adam Rouini
    Adam Rouini10 days ago

    U can craft end rods

  • Ilya Tomorrow
    Ilya Tomorrow10 days ago

    I found a end ship at the same time as you lol🛳️

  • The king show !!!!
    The king show !!!!10 days ago

    He’s got a stack of levels

  • Jürgen Augustin
    Jürgen Augustin10 days ago


  • Cedie Depra
    Cedie Depra10 days ago

    u almost 25M subs dan

  • Oliver Cross
    Oliver Cross11 days ago

    I was playing with my friend we went to the end, killed the dragon and went through the portal thing and we spawned right next to a ship how LUCKY

  • Mystic
    Mystic11 days ago

    btw curse of vanishing doesnt matter bc you wont die

  • scott braen
    scott braen11 days ago

    Its not rare

  • Layla June
    Layla June11 days ago

    I have been watching you for two years

  • Abigail_ ._.
    Abigail_ ._.11 days ago

    ‘Dan who takes so long to get a ship’ Me who spawns right under one... 👁👄👁

  • Ganbaatar Hongorzul

    Ganbaatar Hongorzul

    7 days ago


  • Abigail_ ._.

    Abigail_ ._.

    7 days ago

    @Shrek Thinks Your Weird same tbh😂 I always spawn next to one or near one 😭

  • Shrek Thinks Your Weird

    Shrek Thinks Your Weird

    8 days ago

    I’ve found so many end city’s and end ships and got so much good loot in my world that i think I’m cursed

    NOT DREAM11 days ago

    it isn't rare

  • Jakob the master Schmidt
    Jakob the master Schmidt12 days ago

    I wish I could get a dragon head but I’m to scared to go to the end or a nether fortress

  • Invisible Guy

    Invisible Guy

    10 days ago

    i was scared too you got this just be careful

  • Guntay
    Guntay12 days ago

    He said unnamed doggo but we all know it was grim

  • L Reilly
    L Reilly12 days ago

    I found 4 end city ships

  • Harvey Howes
    Harvey Howes12 days ago

    Me screaming at the screen: YOU HAVE ENDERPEARLSSSS

  • Anais Barr
    Anais Barr12 days ago

    I love his content and his accent... i love ittt

  • jim Sheedy
    jim Sheedy12 days ago

    If you do thanks

  • jim Sheedy
    jim Sheedy12 days ago

    good stash of diamonds i have more than two sacks

  • mary largent
    mary largent12 days ago

    how did you make that HA! banner? :(strange

  • jim Sheedy
    jim Sheedy12 days ago

    i didn't see.

  • mary largent
    mary largent12 days ago

    curse of vanishing is when you die than the item breaks... and your in hardcore!!!

  • Miranda Taylor
    Miranda Taylor12 days ago

    I am 11yrs old now and I’ve watched dan since I was 3yrs old

  • Reina Pereira
    Reina Pereira12 days ago

    Whats a aLIKEtra???

  • Cracked Ipad
    Cracked Ipad12 days ago


  • Werewolf Boy
    Werewolf Boy12 days ago

    Ehh Dan there is a 70% chance of finding it