Everyone meet, Baldina..


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baldi has either evolved or has a brand new relative.. everyone meet, BALDINA!
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  • Dan Figueroa
    Dan Figueroa3 hours ago

    2:40 When ur mom/mum asks u to do millions of chores...

  • Rijwanus Chowdhury
    Rijwanus Chowdhury6 hours ago

    My spine

  • Rijwanus Chowdhury
    Rijwanus Chowdhury6 hours ago

    I my

  • •that one Wolf girl•
    •that one Wolf girl•15 hours ago

    6:40 you got in detention at the right time because baldina was so close to your right

  • Abdulkadir Addow
    Abdulkadir AddowDay ago


  • Mornin Flamingo
    Mornin FlamingoDay ago

    Dan: *gets chased by the principal and baldina* Also Dan: THIS IS GOOD!!!!

  • Adrian The F2P God
    Adrian The F2P GodDay ago

    that’s baldis wife

  • DarkWolfyDarkness
    DarkWolfyDarknessDay ago


  • Mizz Izzyy
    Mizz Izzyy2 days ago

    Dan: So maths isnt her thing- Me: *Oh she is dum then-*

  • Emberlyn Welsh
    Emberlyn Welsh2 days ago

    Dan:what’s going on Me:your stuck...

  • Emberlyn Welsh
    Emberlyn Welsh2 days ago

    Hay baldina!

  • Noyz Productions
    Noyz Productions2 days ago

    My headcanon: The player character is Capsule Collider's sister, Spring-Bonnie Collider. She is a living springlock, hence her getting locked by water.

  • CyberkingGD
    CyberkingGD4 days ago


  • Henry Kay
    Henry Kay4 days ago

    Baldina's jumpscare is the same as fnaf XD

  • Riddzle Berri
    Riddzle Berri4 days ago

    Funfact:Baldina Haunts Dan In His Dreams ✨

  • foxy's world
    foxy's world5 days ago

    They stole the five nights at Freddy's to jump scare noise !!!!!!!:(

    JOHN THE FURRY OwO5 days ago

    Goodnes me tbh i really jumped after the jump scares of baldena

  • Ezra Mo
    Ezra Mo5 days ago

    Now I’m having even more nightmares

  • Jana Smith
    Jana Smith5 days ago

    Baldina: welome ba o scool,im baldina your litriteera chehcher,harry up to da clss ruom,aftera brec you cam reside a poem disowna be powna son me: -_- huh dan: your a teacher,i need da understand whachta sayin

  • Person -w-
    Person -w-7 days ago

    Dan: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Me: what was that?

  • MaciMarco Xoxo
    MaciMarco Xoxo7 days ago

    Kid: GAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH Me: .................... * Brah Lol *

  • henlohen
    henlohen8 days ago

    10:10 duuulll

  • Potato Tomato
    Potato Tomato9 days ago

    Me at jump scare: >. Realizing every time i close my eyes another scary thing pops up O0O

  • Potato Tomato

    Potato Tomato

    9 days ago

    XD i forgot the :

  • MONTOYA 4759
    MONTOYA 475910 days ago


  • Emma Barker
    Emma Barker13 days ago

    Who else noticed that was a fnaf jump scare? Lol

  • Lil Jeremy's Gaming Channel
    Lil Jeremy's Gaming Channel14 days ago

    dan dks what shes saying i know what shes saying

  • Kiza Schaareman
    Kiza Schaareman14 days ago

    8:42 that almost gave me a heart attack i jumped out of my chair

  • Kiza Schaareman
    Kiza Schaareman14 days ago

    Wait wait wait XD i just realized the jumpscare was a fnaf 2 jumpscare XDXDXD

  • skid
    skid15 days ago

    Notice baldi on the board 2:08

  • Elia olivo
    Elia olivo16 days ago

    It fun

  • Elia olivo
    Elia olivo16 days ago

    I play that game

  • Anastasiya Jackson
    Anastasiya Jackson17 days ago

    Baldina: DIDN'T YOU LEARN THE POEM Dan: No I'm not a naughty boy... Me:???

  • Kari Hamm
    Kari Hamm18 days ago

    When you make fun of crippled student 😂🤣. he stands up 😶

  • Axthiaq
    Axthiaq18 days ago

    Dan: Baldina auto generated subtitles: *bo deena*

  • SuperNeonGirl
    SuperNeonGirl18 days ago

    did any one notice that when she catches you it is the original jump scare to FNAF

  • Gibran Ratuandra
    Gibran Ratuandra19 days ago

    I just noticed Dan has ALOT OF FAN GIRLS yes. FAN GIRLS

  • Gibran Ratuandra

    Gibran Ratuandra

    19 days ago


  • HerobrinePlayzMC
    HerobrinePlayzMC21 day ago

    5:33 Isn't that the scream in FNAF 2?

  • Breann:-Pyygga Bosma
    Breann:-Pyygga Bosma22 days ago

    Dan the bully has a double chin

  • Zornox Da BEBE
    Zornox Da BEBE23 days ago

    Let’s just keep it a secret that the “lady” is Actually a man.....

  • Zaptoplats
    Zaptoplats23 days ago

    His head is Jupiter

  • George Kipling
    George Kipling24 days ago

    The thumbnail: DanCharlesNotFound

  • KATiE. XD
    KATiE. XD24 days ago


  • KATiE. XD
    KATiE. XD24 days ago

    But you can go

  • Benjamin Young
    Benjamin Young25 days ago

    Omg when you got caught I screamed

  • bruh i'm kiki,sup oof
    bruh i'm kiki,sup oof25 days ago

    Why did baldina used the FNAF jumpscard-_-bruh

  • Nightmare
    Nightmare26 days ago

    When he said egg Head I thought of Phil eggtree

  • None
    None26 days ago

    the moment of realization that the jumpscare sound/noise is a jumpscare from Five Nights at Freddys... (Me): "Can we really call this Baldina's (or Baldi's) Basics? Or are we re-playing Five Nights at Freddys?"

  • Rhonda Patrick
    Rhonda Patrick27 days ago

    13:24 Did anyone hear Baldina say "naughty boy"?

  • Little Helper
    Little Helper27 days ago

    fun fact; the principal's face was hide the pain harold

  • Amanda Hannah
    Amanda Hannah29 days ago

    Dan when do you think you can get some Murch

  • Dark Infinite
    Dark InfiniteMonth ago

    *Homer Noise* 13:09

  • Challenge Queen
    Challenge QueenMonth ago

    DanTDM:why do you have a skull in your room is that gonna be mine Me: I hope not your my favourite youtuber

  • Aisha Akhtar
    Aisha AkhtarMonth ago


  • IGotNoName Ideas
    IGotNoName IdeasMonth ago


  • Ceb1200
    Ceb1200Month ago

    At 8:41 i litterally yeeted my computer from that jumpscare. The only thing that saved it was my headphone cord pulling it back.

  • Daniel Thompson
    Daniel ThompsonMonth ago

    when baldina gets you theres a five nights at freddy's 2 jumpscare noise.

  • Reubenator Schoie
    Reubenator SchoieMonth ago

    I have listened to the song

  • Reubenator Schoie
    Reubenator SchoieMonth ago

    Its another brick in the wall by pink floyd

  • Fronky
    FronkyMonth ago

    They used fnaf 2 audio for when Baldina catches someone Fair enough

  • Mac Family
    Mac FamilyMonth ago

    why is it a fnaf 2 jumpscare???????????????????????????????????????????

  • AlmaGamerTv
    AlmaGamerTvMonth ago

    0:01 bigbrainTDM XD

  • Aaron Dyer
    Aaron DyerMonth ago

    Pink floyd was here we dont need no education

  • uwu
    uwuMonth ago

    Bladina: *screaming in my ear drugs* dan: *silence* me: I wish I had better ears

  • Extremedude Midas
    Extremedude MidasMonth ago

    I'm suprised that baldina scared me 🤣

  • MJ Urbino
    MJ UrbinoMonth ago

    I still dont know whos the principal, egg head, or the creepy guy that has a circle head.

  • Alexander Berrocal
    Alexander BerrocalMonth ago


  • Eric Lonsdale
    Eric LonsdaleMonth ago

    The person that you saw that was a girl that was playtime but she want you to answer math

  • Christian Perez Christoforidis
    Christian Perez ChristoforidisMonth ago

    I I love his T-shirt because the sonic is cute and he also embraces the chili dog

  • Shelby Pina
    Shelby PinaMonth ago


  • Nusaybah Khan
    Nusaybah KhanMonth ago

    hi baldina

  • Lily Blair
    Lily BlairMonth ago

    i heard her saying i'll call your parents! :)

  • WB Kids
    WB KidsMonth ago

    Is this appropriate?

  • James Clelland
    James ClellandMonth ago

    It's baldi's wife!😂

  • Gaameem Rockman jnr
    Gaameem Rockman jnrMonth ago

    The principal is soooooo ugly!!🤮

  • Sienna Rae
    Sienna RaeMonth ago

    0:00 me trying to solve a math question

  • Dylan Young
    Dylan YoungMonth ago

    ok weird.

  • Avengers_assemble9351
    Avengers_assemble9351Month ago

    Anyone else just noticed the sound of the jumpscare from Baldina is from FNAF?

  • michael shannon
    michael shannonMonth ago

    Regular baldi game is better

  • Hort Gaming
    Hort GamingMonth ago

    Hello dan

  • CrackedFN
    CrackedFNMonth ago

    it should have been baldinatdm

  • Bell Wolfie
    Bell WolfieMonth ago

    I accidently slapped my own face when I got jumpscared- ;-;

  • }angel dust{
    }angel dust{Month ago

    Dan:hers are actually more difficult than baldis Me:EXCUSE ME BALDIS LAST QUESTION:HDHDHHFGF+HDHDJFHDHDHHF=?

  • }angel dust{
    }angel dust{Month ago

    Don't u realise they stole the fnaf jumpscares as there jumpscares?

  • Spazzy Jazzy
    Spazzy JazzyMonth ago

    5:33 Baldina = Freddy Fazbear

  • Spazzy Jazzy
    Spazzy JazzyMonth ago

    2:26 Dan what are you doing with Baldina.......

  • deborah Van straaten
    deborah Van straatenMonth ago

    As soon as you say he's creeping me out a bit he's gone

  • Mary VanLue
    Mary VanLueMonth ago


  • MrYtosca
    MrYtoscaMonth ago

    8:45 that's a fnaf jumpscare

  • Cassandra Towery
    Cassandra ToweryMonth ago

    her jumpscare is from fnaf i almost screamed i jumped

  • TheDragon_Weirdo
    TheDragon_WeirdoMonth ago

    I remember watching all his Baldi videos while eating crackers and I would be happy for a while, then I'd watch some other videos of his, I've been watching his channel since 2013 (I think)

  • Sharon Jivh
    Sharon JivhMonth ago


  • Doomguy Furry
    Doomguy FurryMonth ago

    The principal is hide the pain Harold

  • Ratty RatRat
    Ratty RatRatMonth ago

    8:44 too

  • Ratty RatRat
    Ratty RatRatMonth ago

    8:42 jump

  • Dreigh Channel
    Dreigh ChannelMonth ago


  • McKenna Mitchell
    McKenna MitchellMonth ago

    hi dan

  • LaserCat?
    LaserCat?Month ago

    I didn't even realise he put his hair on the thumbnail

  • ꧁ꨄ The Oofdeer ꨄ꧂
    ꧁ꨄ The Oofdeer ꨄ꧂Month ago

    Dan: I think her audio is stomping heels on the floor... Me: her jumpscare is the toy jumpscare from fnaf is anybody with me?

  • Impasta Among us
    Impasta Among usMonth ago

    Dan: This girls questions are really hard. Me: That’s why she needs help

  • Mimi and Cozmo :3
    Mimi and Cozmo :3Month ago

    why does Baldina remind me of a nightmare version of Ballora from fnaf5/Sister Location?