Crafting EVERY Caves & Cliffs Item in Minecraft Hardcore!


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  • Kayden
    Kayden5 hours ago


  • Tahlia Mudford
    Tahlia Mudford6 hours ago

    Tinted glass dosent let light in but you can see inside from the outside. you can also make a mob container from it.

  • A FK
    A FK6 hours ago

    Wow Dan with a beard

  • gamerboy 3000
    gamerboy 30007 hours ago

    Anyone remember Dr trayorus

  • Liana Saleh
    Liana Saleh8 hours ago

    You can make a box out of tinted glass cause once it’s closed in you can see out of in but sun won’t get in so it stays dark. You can use it for mob spawners

  • Nicole Johnson
    Nicole Johnson8 hours ago

    The warden is a mob

  • sapling
    sapling9 hours ago


  • CrownboyPlayz Gaming
    CrownboyPlayz Gaming10 hours ago

    RIP Skinny Jr. And RIP Zombie Pigmen. They don't exist in Minecraft anymore. If I knew Notch, I would give him a slap.

  • Laura Williamson
    Laura Williamson11 hours ago

    chicken zombie

  • Sam Mugglestone
    Sam Mugglestone14 hours ago

    is it the warden

  • Blake Rubery
    Blake Rubery14 hours ago

    Dan what time did you film this vid, it looks dark lol 👁👅👁

  • NotCourty
    NotCourty15 hours ago

    Lol bedrock already had lava cauldrons

  • Keiper Kids
    Keiper Kids15 hours ago

    Lightning rods attracted lightning

  • AnimePlayz Roblox
    AnimePlayz Roblox18 hours ago

    Dan in the end hole in one to the end portal

  • Shreyansh Chatterjee
    Shreyansh Chatterjee21 hour ago

    there is a new stone called grimmstone check it out dan

  • M̷L̷G̷_̷G̷r̷G̷e̷o̷r̷g̷e̷O̷i̷k̷
    M̷L̷G̷_̷G̷r̷G̷e̷o̷r̷g̷e̷O̷i̷k̷Day ago


  • Dincoln Donuts
    Dincoln DonutsDay ago

    It’s a goat.

  • Harley Oldfield
    Harley OldfieldDay ago

    I find it funny it says zombified piglin in the bottom left 😂😂

  • Jesse Pitcher
    Jesse PitcherDay ago

    and light dem

  • Jesse Pitcher
    Jesse PitcherDay ago

    you can candles on cake

  • KarthikGamer YT
    KarthikGamer YTDay ago

    My birthday was that day lol

  • Jesse Pitcher
    Jesse PitcherDay ago

    look at a clock lol

    ETH4NGAMINGDay ago

    Maybe zombie fid hoglin

  • pug love
    pug loveDay ago

    It is

  • Nasima begum
    Nasima begumDay ago

    it can have flame

  • Bianca Torales
    Bianca Torales2 days ago

    Make a small green house with the tinted glass

  • Jojopinkycheeks
    Jojopinkycheeks2 days ago

    its a zombified hoglin

  • Dania Núñez
    Dania Núñez2 days ago

    You can out three candles their

  • Vighnesh Madhavan Dilip
    Vighnesh Madhavan Dilip2 days ago

    i think u can put looting on an axe but le chop is too expensive

  • Miss Pigeon
    Miss Pigeon2 days ago


  • Riya Jiwa
    Riya Jiwa2 days ago

    Is it just me or did everyone just forget about the new warden for dan's achievement?

  • flxralcouldd
    flxralcouldd2 days ago

    That mob is the New mob from the snapshots.

  • buck gamer
    buck gamer2 days ago

    How can you get the thing that shows sound in the corner I really want to know

  • GalaxyLord 10
    GalaxyLord 102 days ago

    Moosh room MOOSH ROOOOOOM

  • Craizer 3017
    Craizer 30173 days ago

    If you press F1 while with the spy glass the the black in the spy glass won’t be there

  • Tron Reaper
    Tron Reaper3 days ago

    12:36 not spider a cat

  • Jett Sharp
    Jett Sharp3 days ago

    probably an endermite

  • Wolfie
    Wolfie3 days ago


  • Emma Craig
    Emma Craig3 days ago

    zombified hoglin

  • Jack Mack_47
    Jack Mack_473 days ago

    The mob is the warden. It is in the overworks underground and go prepared course it stacked

  • Samuel Teale
    Samuel Teale3 days ago


  • asad ali
    asad ali3 days ago

    you can get zombified piglins by taking a piglin to the overworld that is the only way.

  • Blue Ninja Gaming
    Blue Ninja Gaming3 days ago

    warden is the new snapshot

  • Ben Jennings
    Ben Jennings3 days ago

    The monster is the worden

  • Teomaniac
    Teomaniac3 days ago

    The axe is not faster.. it’s slower

  • Fnaf Lazo
    Fnaf Lazo3 days ago

    Your the best bro

  • Ryan Vodak
    Ryan Vodak3 days ago


  • Leonida Cuenca
    Leonida Cuenca4 days ago

    lava cauldron is an old feature from bedrock edition

  • Edward Bauer
    Edward Bauer4 days ago

    in the last video you made i told you in the comments that axes are better then swords and now you finally listen words that you would've never known and how do you get a totem of undying

  • chicken_pye
    chicken_pye4 days ago

    a piglin brute

  • Impossible911tube
    Impossible911tube4 days ago

    the new mob is a warden the Warden spawns in the Deep Dark biome, so you'll need to be very far into a cavern expedition to run across this mob. Down in the deep dark, every flailed limb, every opened chest or every thrown snowball can be sensed by this terrifying new mob: the Warden!

    STWSNIPEZ 74 days ago

    it was the warden



    4 days ago

    for the missing mob

  • Brayden Collein
    Brayden Collein4 days ago

    77 vids bro... thats clutch

  • Stefan Davinic
    Stefan Davinic4 days ago

    I was dreaming abauot inviting you to me. And that we played some games and other stuff.

  • Cathy Hendrietha
    Cathy Hendrietha4 days ago

    I think the last monster is the warden

  • Macattack 217
    Macattack 2175 days ago

    Have you heard of commands tho

  • Olls 24 YT
    Olls 24 YT5 days ago

    It is the zombie hoglin

  • Rader223
    Rader2235 days ago


  • The128 button
    The128 button5 days ago

    Swords are faster than axes 1.6 attack speed is faster than 1 attack speed Ps:the final mob is the warden

  • Cooper0421
    Cooper04215 days ago

    ThE mOuStAcH

  • Jillian Buckley
    Jillian Buckley5 days ago

    I have the caves and cliffs

  • Landon Ruiz
    Landon Ruiz5 days ago

    you have to kill a piglin the guys you trade with

  • Anirudh Menon
    Anirudh Menon5 days ago

    I think it's the zombified hoglins dan

  • Naimjackplayz YT
    Naimjackplayz YT5 days ago

    4:39 Did anyone notices at the Minecraft captions it said "wolf pants"

  • SKA gaming
    SKA gaming6 days ago

    Hilarious 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • Ana Nedelcu
    Ana Nedelcu6 days ago

    a zombie zoglin

  • Luke Splichal
    Luke Splichal6 days ago

    Get a better sword.

  • lilmallu
    lilmallu6 days ago

    It is a piglin brute

  • john emad
    john emad6 days ago

    you need to kill A mob called the warden you can find him only in caves

  • Cadence Casey
    Cadence Casey6 days ago

    I think that the mob might be a zoglin

  • Rahyan Tak
    Rahyan Tak6 days ago

    dan make a ender pearl stasis chamber it will help you at night

  • Pradeep Godara
    Pradeep Godara6 days ago

    The next monster is the warden

  • Catherine kelly
    Catherine kelly6 days ago

    The mob is a warden

  • Ajmy Yusoff
    Ajmy Yusoff6 days ago

    Dan I love your video's so much

  • Z3US
    Z3US7 days ago

    You can dupe candles by putting one on a cake and eating the cake with the candle on the cake :))

  • Cloudy Tears123
    Cloudy Tears1237 days ago


  • black ninja
    black ninja7 days ago

    le chop Isn't 0.6 faster le stab is so if you do the maths for it le stab is actually better

    KINGZILLA7 days ago

    The mob could’ve been the Warden boss that I’ve heard will come in this Update.

  • Impossible911tube


    4 days ago

    @Hawkey21 no he killed that

  • Hawkey21


    4 days ago

    No the mob he hasnt killed is a zombiefied hoglin

  • Cathy Hendrietha

    Cathy Hendrietha

    4 days ago

    Thats wyat i said

  • Son Kakarot
    Son Kakarot7 days ago

    The one thing that comes up in mind watching these series. WHERE'S GRIM AND TRAYAURUS!? and also Craig and Terrance

  • Howard Lay
    Howard Lay7 days ago

    Dan I love your Minecraft hardcore

  • Rahib Chowdhury
    Rahib Chowdhury7 days ago

    Me if I were Dan:wow a spyglass!(saying it happily for viewing Thinking(This is absolutely useless,I have optifine)(I don t play on pc please someone correct me in the comments if I spelt optifine right)

  • Pls Sub
    Pls Sub7 days ago

    Dan: Wow lê chop does so much damage! Dream: Oh so you finally figured it out.(intensifies criting hunters)

  • Kanishk Dasgupta
    Kanishk Dasgupta7 days ago

    The mob you are looking for is called an axylotl or a zoglin

  • Itzzzburger
    Itzzzburger7 days ago


  • mister reper 1009
    mister reper 10098 days ago

    You have to get a zombie piglen to go through your portal than you get a zombified piglen

  • Clazer Lazergaming
    Clazer Lazergaming8 days ago

    You need to bring a normal piglin to the over world as it does say it was zombified not zombie so it was turned not generated

  • viper snipZ
    viper snipZ8 days ago

    When dan and dr tryorist used to do a load of inventions. Now its dan and cats

  • PlushieTV
    PlushieTV8 days ago

    Piglin brute

  • Theo Pover
    Theo Pover8 days ago

    Howcome console players can't get the new snapshots 😭

  • Cacti Fortnite
    Cacti Fortnite8 days ago

    Dan It might be the baby shulkers that you are missing.

  • Zero Hope
    Zero Hope8 days ago

    Dan, use the new snapshot for epic caves! The new amethyst is under smooth basalt now. And new stuff! Snap: 21w08b

  • Ache Lit-99
    Ache Lit-998 days ago

    Dan u can always go and make aaaaa monster thing with tinted Glass!!!

  • Ache Lit-99
    Ache Lit-998 days ago

    U can clore the candle 🕯️

  • Advaith Choudhury
    Advaith Choudhury8 days ago


    ENCHANTED GAMER8 days ago

    It is goat

  • Edward Playz
    Edward Playz8 days ago

    Pocket edition's netherite sword Sharpness 5 is...... *14 DAmAgE*

  • Jaime Alfonso Torres
    Jaime Alfonso Torres8 days ago

    Zoglins hoglins that went to the overworld too long

  • ΨSky DecayΨ
    ΨSky DecayΨ9 days ago


  • zEr0 p01nT
    zEr0 p01nT9 days ago

    No one Not a single soul Background: dragon city music

  • Eli Wells
    Eli Wells9 days ago

    I think the last mob is a zombified Hoglin.