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i finally did it.. 9999 coins in Super Mario Odyssey!!
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  • Travisplays Kelly
    Travisplays KellyDay ago

    Zoysia was the time next

  • Travisplays Kelly
    Travisplays KellyDay ago

    1900000000000000000000000000 days later

  • Yeager Stuff
    Yeager StuffDay ago

    got 9999 coins by being an baloon world addict...

  • M0stwantdplyr 2 wins and 30 FPS
    M0stwantdplyr 2 wins and 30 FPS3 days ago

    Om u did not defeat the game untill you have 999 moons and have beatan ultimate bowser

  • sswlam
    sswlam4 days ago

    I already bought the skeleton

  • Lextek100
    Lextek1004 days ago


  • ayrton ong
    ayrton ong5 days ago

    The cautious capricorn relevantly burn because opinion phongsaly ban above a free punch. mountainous, ready barometer

  • Elizabeth Perez
    Elizabeth Perez5 days ago

    How many nines

  • Shiela Wauters
    Shiela Wauters6 days ago

    Its 4 9s not 5

  • Camden Garcia
    Camden Garcia7 days ago

    4:41 look at the backround a ps5 controller???

  • Vgyguv 64
    Vgyguv 648 days ago

    1:17 German’s be questioning why he said *No no no no!!!*

  • ADH easy
    ADH easy8 days ago

    I mean we have balloon world now so we can get so many coins

  • A K
    A K9 days ago

    Dan:*said that he got 99999 coins*

  • Lourens Osborne
    Lourens Osborne9 days ago

    I want to see that

  • Ayden Garcia
    Ayden Garcia10 days ago

    DanTDM said nine five times thats 99,999

  • Anna Festa
    Anna Festa10 days ago


  • Roblox Guy123
    Roblox Guy12310 days ago


  • Kaleb Castiel Gomez
    Kaleb Castiel Gomez10 days ago

    OMG DAN GOT 9999COINS TO GET THE SKELETON SKIN?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Hypno Da Gamer
    Hypno Da Gamer11 days ago


  • Chew kim Tan
    Chew kim Tan11 days ago


  • Liability
    Liability11 days ago

    Daddy chillll

  • Liability


    11 days ago

    I was bored...

  • Liability


    11 days ago

    This was on feb 22 2021

  • Call of mini ftw cysdn sucks 2005 vgcp
    Call of mini ftw cysdn sucks 2005 vgcp12 days ago

    There is also a pack of that wedding amibo

  • Roblox_gamerguy 18
    Roblox_gamerguy 1812 days ago

    dan:99999 his fans:wrong

  • Bentley F
    Bentley F12 days ago

    I have 9999 coins already because I played luigi’s balloon world in the mushroom kingdom

  • the roblox twins
    the roblox twins13 days ago

    He does not have 9999

  • Lincoln Morgan
    Lincoln Morgan13 days ago

    Its not the most expensive thing in the game the 8 bit mario cap is 9999 coins too

  • JC_
    JC_13 days ago

    Hey Dan you should make another Roblox video

  • Jeff Seneca
    Jeff Seneca13 days ago

    9000,999 wow

  • The Super-Star Rareș Show
    The Super-Star Rareș Show13 days ago

    You could've just play baloon world for a few times and you will get coins fast! I made 6000 in 15 minutes

  • LDgames _GG
    LDgames _GG13 days ago

    Did any one realize Dan said more than 4 9s

  • eric williams

    eric williams

    10 days ago

    I seen it

  • eric williams

    eric williams

    10 days ago


  • eric williams

    eric williams

    10 days ago


  • eric williams

    eric williams

    10 days ago


  • Eron Hasandjekaj
    Eron Hasandjekaj14 days ago


  • Eron Hasandjekaj
    Eron Hasandjekaj14 days ago

    When you start video you press 10 sec back it says a

  • George Gamer
    George Gamer14 days ago

    1:18 99999? You mean 9999?

  • Kay Rec
    Kay Rec14 days ago

    It took me one second to get 9, 999999999

  • harlynn
    harlynn14 days ago

    U luck so cool

  • amelia hall
    amelia hall14 days ago

    DanTDM is the best youtuber i have wached

  • Samuel Chiche
    Samuel Chiche15 days ago

    9999 coins = 100 moons. How I know well I had 9999 coins and spend it all on moons and got 100 moons you can thank me later dan

  • Adam Omar Ali Faheem Elbanna
    Adam Omar Ali Faheem Elbanna15 days ago

    Yo there is another Way you get money faster

  • Audrey Hoyt
    Audrey Hoyt16 days ago

    No it’s not the most expensive do in the game there is also water 9999There’s other super very close to that number

  • Sayan Deluxan
    Sayan Deluxan16 days ago

    The skeleton costume looks bad on you

  • Hisham Adel Abdel Rahman
    Hisham Adel Abdel Rahman16 days ago


  • aneta wa'wrzyniak
    aneta wa'wrzyniak16 days ago

    Did you not after dark side is darker side

  • thefreeperview
    thefreeperview16 days ago

    I have more moons than you!

  • liamjellybean
    liamjellybean17 days ago

    He said 9 one extra time lol🤣

  • Jesse Jung
    Jesse Jung17 days ago

    And I was copying you

  • Jesse Jung
    Jesse Jung17 days ago

    Oh and I also have the skeleton suit

  • Jesse Jung
    Jesse Jung17 days ago

    You can also go to snow Kingdom and get the seed and grow the Beanstalk and get lots of coins

  • Cason Brown
    Cason Brown17 days ago

    Tip. Stand still to heal ur self

  • R Knollman
    R Knollman17 days ago

    It’s Grim in Mario form 😂😂

  • Da noob gamer
    Da noob gamer17 days ago

    I really want amiibo but I am not allowed to buy much stuff

  • Da noob gamer
    Da noob gamer17 days ago

    I have more moons then you

  • Venom
    Venom17 days ago

    I Wish l had that .

  • Venom
    Venom17 days ago


  • MiMiMachine3724
    MiMiMachine372418 days ago

    He said 99999 but he had 9999 lol

  • Jacob Rekos
    Jacob Rekos18 days ago

    I actually used his same method for coins, except I did it in the Flower area. You have to go to the secret garden entrance, get a seed from the robot, then get up the tall metal tower were peach is, and throw it onto the dirt mound.

  • Roxana MANESCU
    Roxana MANESCU18 days ago

    There's also the 8_bit outfit

  • josh the gamer
    josh the gamer18 days ago

    In the spider man game on the black cat DLC he had a skeleton skin on to comment if you remember

  • Kelly Hopewell
    Kelly Hopewell18 days ago

    Sorry can but o hate your maro cater

  • Christopher Amaya
    Christopher Amaya19 days ago


  • Sean Martel
    Sean Martel20 days ago

    How did he do this

  • JRH TV and Toys
    JRH TV and Toys20 days ago

    You said 99999. It’s 9999

  • Bogdan Sonea
    Bogdan Sonea20 days ago

    i have 542 moons

  • Haoshan He
    Haoshan He20 days ago

    1:41 I’ve got 487 moons

  • - Jsarni
    - Jsarni21 day ago

    Cko 👼🎒⛄️🙉🐵🐧🦥🤑

  • Family Lancaster
    Family Lancaster21 day ago

    i got past dark side

  • Brad McCallum
    Brad McCallum21 day ago

    and 8-bit mario cap for 9999 coins

  • Brad McCallum
    Brad McCallum21 day ago

    i have that already

  • Herman Christensen
    Herman Christensen21 day ago

    Dan: 99999 Me: it cost 9999

  • Matt sucks
    Matt sucks22 days ago

    Imaging the people who got 9999 coins without balloon world.

  • GabeTheGreat7


    20 days ago

    Lmao true.

  • miniscutt1
    miniscutt122 days ago

    I'm getting an iPhone 5 s and Nintendo switch

  • James Neale
    James Neale22 days ago

    I took soo long to get the knight armour and helmet helmet pays 3000 coins. Armour pays 5000 coins

  • Mahija Birowo
    Mahija Birowo22 days ago

    Just play baloon world with luigi after u finished the story

  • Cortney Pattison
    Cortney Pattison23 days ago

    i need 20 moons

  • Jeremy Lepage
    Jeremy Lepage23 days ago

    the only thing that we can get is that the game uh is a bit too slow and I think the only way that I could be more is a bit of the time

  • Blake Couchman
    Blake Couchman23 days ago

    Stay in the corner

  • Manny
    Manny24 days ago

    its not every world you can buy 10 moons, its every time you have 1000 coins then your available to buy 10.

  • Kelsey Blake
    Kelsey Blake24 days ago

    I have more than 500 moons

  • Benjamin Baulch
    Benjamin Baulch24 days ago

    I bought everything literally everything

    MAHDI KHALAF24 days ago

    I wish a Nintendo switch so I can play

  • Ethan Rooks
    Ethan Rooks24 days ago

    Dan : 99999 1:19 Me : you wish

  • mr sonic e
    mr sonic e25 days ago


  • Milan Malek Makan
    Milan Malek Makan25 days ago


  • Anderson Vasquez
    Anderson Vasquez25 days ago

    Need thousand of coin

  • HarryBoze
    HarryBoze25 days ago

    You can by 10 moons if you have 1000 and if you buy it once you can still do it for 1000 if you have 9999 you can buy 90 moons.

  • Micha Bafit
    Micha Bafit25 days ago


  • Bartosz M
    Bartosz M25 days ago


  • Jade Franco
    Jade Franco25 days ago


  • ZaxZ
    ZaxZ26 days ago

    It took me To get 10 mins To get 9999

  • ZaxZ
    ZaxZ26 days ago

    I have the skeleton suit and 8 bit cappy

  • Kayplayz OnYT
    Kayplayz OnYT26 days ago

    I got it to

  • Kayplayz OnYT
    Kayplayz OnYT26 days ago


  • Iris B.
    Iris B.26 days ago

    I just hid balloons to get to 9999 lmao

  • Mike Jackson
    Mike Jackson27 days ago

    That’s cool

  • Gamer Jack
    Gamer Jack27 days ago

    Dan tdm: it took sooo long. Me: it takes 55 minutes for me

  • becca mahoney
    becca mahoney27 days ago


  • Jayvon Johnson
    Jayvon Johnson28 days ago


  • Sigfús Benediktsson
    Sigfús Benediktsson28 days ago

    Puppy yeah and Gulli

  • Julie Hardy
    Julie Hardy28 days ago

    I love you Matt

  • Noah Alexander Nisperos
    Noah Alexander Nisperos28 days ago

    The best way to get this is keep playing balloon world lol

  • Cyrus Garcia
    Cyrus Garcia29 days ago

    Can’t wait for this game to be a good game to play and the new game is fun to be back to play but it will get better with new levels and new levels to get better and better than the levels you’ve made it