$10,000 Setup Tour! (DanTDM)


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Showing you guys everything from my DanTDM Setup Tour.


  • Real16
    Real16Hour ago

    here I am with my gaming laptop that can't even run solitaire

  • Imaginated
    Imaginated3 hours ago

    This man was my childhood, big inspiration to become a youtuber myself, keep up the good work man🔥👍 love from the caribbean

  • kailen_
    kailen_3 hours ago

    His electric bill tho 😳

  • Google Santa Tracker 2020
    Google Santa Tracker 20204 hours ago

    Hi have a pc

  • DoodleZWasTaken
    DoodleZWasTaken7 hours ago


  • Hunter Swart
    Hunter Swart8 hours ago

    there is this show on Netflix called Miranda sings live and there is dabing in it!!!!!!!!!

  • Nrupen Patel
    Nrupen Patel10 hours ago

    *Dan saying stuff about inputs and outputs Me: I'm doing algebra in school, MY BRAIN IS HURTING

  • StuartTheMadLad
    StuartTheMadLad13 hours ago

    Me trying to see if the crewmates are going to hit the corner: come on come on...

  • TheMershFamily
    TheMershFamily15 hours ago

    dan i watched you 7 years ago

  • AnimePlayz Roblox
    AnimePlayz Roblox16 hours ago

    Damm the fire is bright

  • AnimePlayz Roblox
    AnimePlayz Roblox17 hours ago

    Ye me to

  • Abo Ali
    Abo AliDay ago

    This setup is worth more than my house

  • tanzil_joy02
    tanzil_joy02Day ago

    Dan's setup is my dream, even now, alot older and matured, I still wish I could be where he is

  • ItsZach
    ItsZachDay ago

    Wow! your setup is soo fire... I still remember your old setup with the posters in the back!! *and do you use bedrock edition?*

  • mintchipz
    mintchipzDay ago

    Only ogs remember when we never saw Dans room cuz he didn’t have a facecam

  • Burnerlover
    BurnerloverDay ago

    You should try out the Corsair 220t

  • Tacster
    TacsterDay ago

    Man old gaming channels just had a mystery, i remember watching jurassic craft, stampys world, dantdm.

  • Misfit
    MisfitDay ago

    dan you need a custom built gaming pc cyberpower pcs are very easy to break and if one virus gets on it, the pc will stop working (i know thats a cyberpower gaming pc)

  • Space LenderTM
    Space LenderTMDay ago

    Dan said he loves 60% keyboards. Thats a 65% keyboard...

  • Andrew Scansaroli
    Andrew ScansaroliDay ago

    Will someone please tell me the link to Dan TDM‘s headphones

  • DuckDuck 69
    DuckDuck 69Day ago

    dans streaming pc is better then mine

  • Matej Cerkez
    Matej CerkezDay ago

    why dont you change ur cpu from intel to ryzen they are a bit better

  • The Cringe

    The Cringe

    Day ago

    Intel is better than ryzen

  • Deron Immanuel Daniel
    Deron Immanuel Daniel2 days ago

    at last he dose a good setup tour. I have been asking this for 6 years!!!

  • Happy Sloth
    Happy Sloth2 days ago

    Emergency emergency we have entered another Dimension

  • Alvin Alfie
    Alvin Alfie2 days ago

    Sponsored by elgato

  • carter newland
    carter newland2 days ago

    i started watching him when i was four and im 11

  • Heather GRUBB
    Heather GRUBB2 days ago

    Can you online

  • chao
    chao2 days ago

    all that for minecraft lets go!

  • Fortnite-player
    Fortnite-player2 days ago

    Why dose he say $ when he is from England

  • raivob007
    raivob0073 days ago

    I have a crappy setup rn. My pc now: CPU: Intel Xeon e5540 (2014) GPU: AMD Radeon x1600/1650 (2014) Monitor: LG 60hz 17inch 1366x780 Ram: 4GB (really low) SSD: Apacer... (idk) Motherboard: Asus P5B (also very old) Mouse: Esperanza EGM203B (cheap mouse that i already have kinda broken) Keyboard: iMice... i dont remember model. I don't have mousepad at all. And i use bed as my place to sit. A gaming chair can't even fit in space between my bed and computer desk. Might have to arrange my room differently. So... Can anyone who is a gaming/computer expert recommend me parts for a max performance, kinda budget pc build.

  • Jaytheblayze
    Jaytheblayze3 days ago

    Me: *_Decides to accumulate 10000+ just to make this setup_* Also Me: It was worth it... right?

  • Retr0sdf
    Retr0sdf3 days ago

    Dan: you need rtx graphics Me: does rx count

  • PeekaBooFish
    PeekaBooFish3 days ago

    Petition for dan to do a HOUSE tour I V

  • Aistis Borusevičius
    Aistis Borusevičius3 days ago

    Me sitting with a 140 dollar laptop

  • Dat Boi Pricey
    Dat Boi Pricey3 days ago


  • Reis Uppal
    Reis Uppal3 days ago

    Dan big rich💰💰💰💸💸

  • Ryan Sharber
    Ryan Sharber3 days ago

    What the headset?

  • Telstra NBN Angle-Visor Shuriken Studios

    Telstra NBN Angle-Visor Shuriken Studios

    2 days ago

    Those headphones are the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones.

  • Dunia Ayern
    Dunia Ayern3 days ago

    You have two computer OMG

  • PPGx
    PPGx4 days ago

    Man needs all that for minecraft.

  • キラーK1rā
    キラーK1rā4 days ago

    Tip:don’t face the front of the streaming pc on the side of the gaming pc or the fans of the streaming pc will suffocate

  • ayato Yuri
    ayato Yuri4 days ago

    me watching this on my Mac-

  • Cool Blue323
    Cool Blue3234 days ago

    Its crazy to think that I remember Dan when he had a cast and a records in a small room...to this . U still my boi Dan

  • Jayden Green
    Jayden Green4 days ago

    When you gaming set up costs more than my house

  • Hbomb 247
    Hbomb 2474 days ago

    The REAL ogs will remember the old minecraft torch and him making a candy toilet

  • OCRT ,
    OCRT ,4 days ago

    Alternative title: how to flex on viewers

  • AquaG
    AquaG4 days ago

    Been watching since day 1 on a very old account

  • 403 Dreamteam
    403 Dreamteam5 days ago

    all I know is that Ed from TechSource would not approve

  • Santiago Hernandez Behrentz
    Santiago Hernandez Behrentz5 days ago

    Doy still play on the switch ?

  • Albert Poshley / Tudorbigbrain101 YT
    Albert Poshley / Tudorbigbrain101 YT5 days ago

    2021: DanTDM 2031: BobTNM

  • BenjiBoi Gaming
    BenjiBoi Gaming5 days ago

    Me with 4 dollars: Welp, ... keep dreaming.

  • Jack Thurgood
    Jack Thurgood5 days ago

    My brain has exploded.

  • Officer Panda
    Officer Panda5 days ago

    Alternate title: Grown man flexes on children that he has money.

  • Yuping Hui

    Yuping Hui

    2 days ago

    Nah idiot he’s showing what his setup is for people who want to know

  • Callum Gildert
    Callum Gildert5 days ago

    Bbbbb I’m speechless

  • ItsXplayz
    ItsXplayz5 days ago

    Only OG's remember when he had no facecam at all.

  • Caaldech
    Caaldech5 days ago

    I have the same mouse

  • Premala Muthu
    Premala Muthu6 days ago

    What a difference

  • Master SEB
    Master SEB6 days ago

    Does anyone know what the vertical monitor is cause I don’t know. someone please answer me

  • Lazerflames
    Lazerflames6 days ago

    it is from corsair

  • Brady Nguyen
    Brady Nguyen6 days ago

    Do you still play little nightmares??

  • annieisabella
    annieisabella6 days ago

    Tell me you’re rich without telling me you’re rich:

  • Gamingwithgray Gardeski
    Gamingwithgray Gardeski6 days ago

    you look better with the DAD beard lol

  • CartoonyPirate ツ
    CartoonyPirate ツ6 days ago


  • Jason Tony
    Jason Tony6 days ago

    Nice set up Dan😔🥺

  • Kaitlyn Thibodeau
    Kaitlyn Thibodeau6 days ago

    Do you have 2 computers

  • Kaitlyn Thibodeau
    Kaitlyn Thibodeau6 days ago

    I love you ❤ Dan

  • Sienna Laing
    Sienna Laing6 days ago

    Can you please play planet zoo

  • Ellie_Louise
    Ellie_Louise6 days ago

    Only OGs remember "The Red One Has Been Chosen.."

  • All Star Sports Memorabilia
    All Star Sports Memorabilia6 days ago

    Everyone copy this comment Dan you should play a game genshin Impact Is on pc for mobile and Computer

  • All Star Sports Memorabilia
    All Star Sports Memorabilia6 days ago

    Hey Dan You Should play genshin Impact its on ps4

  • Foxy Gaming
    Foxy Gaming6 days ago


  • Linken Awesome
    Linken Awesome7 days ago


  • Dallas Jordan08
    Dallas Jordan087 days ago

    So please tell me

  • Dallas Jordan08
    Dallas Jordan087 days ago

    Because I really want to add u

  • Dallas Jordan08
    Dallas Jordan087 days ago

    You have snapchat

  • Dallas Jordan08
    Dallas Jordan087 days ago


  • Dallas Jordan08
    Dallas Jordan087 days ago

    I a very big fan

  • Dallas Jordan08
    Dallas Jordan087 days ago

    dantdm I'm sorry for the haters

  • The RockRuff Boi Talks
    The RockRuff Boi Talks7 days ago

    Elgato is the future of youtube

  • Itz_Katie UwU
    Itz_Katie UwU7 days ago

    Ok dan no need to flex 😂🤣😌

  • Uncle Die productions
    Uncle Die productions7 days ago

    Only OGs remember when he had that black shelf with plushies and had a small room

  • Dwern
    Dwern7 days ago

    The entire comment section is filled with "only OGs remember when" we get it

  • Jacob
    Jacob7 days ago

    only og’s remember when he had that massive figure of his skin

  • Annie Roig
    Annie Roig7 days ago

    Jutthh. . By my hamster 🐹

  • Martin Lavery
    Martin Lavery7 days ago

    Him:$10 thousand setup Me:I got lots of cables over the place no chair and a Nintendo

  • found._anxn
    found._anxn7 days ago


  • The Leaf Army
    The Leaf Army7 days ago

    i need that LOL

  • Formcraft Minenight
    Formcraft Minenight7 days ago

    Nice set up 🤩

  • Sue Anderson
    Sue Anderson7 days ago

    Dan I love you yaaaaaaaay

  • Penguin Duhd
    Penguin Duhd7 days ago

    And none of them sponsored you...

  • Sarim Shahzad
    Sarim Shahzad7 days ago

    I Love This Guy’s Setup😍😍🥺

  • Heidi Campbell
    Heidi Campbell7 days ago

    Weird Flex But Okay?....

  • Dyrok Gaming
    Dyrok Gaming7 days ago

    Make a let's play in Bedrock with RTX

  • TheGoldMushroom
    TheGoldMushroom7 days ago

    The best Englishman in England.

  • CreepAmr135
    CreepAmr1357 days ago

    4:51 Speaker: ive been here from the beginning

  • Julie Wilson
    Julie Wilson7 days ago

    I wish I was a youtuber

  • Toasty
    Toasty7 days ago

    Just saying- ive been subscribed since 10k! ^^

  • Andriy Alas
    Andriy Alas7 days ago

    thanks dan also in a bit am starting my own youtube channel

  • Penngaroo -
    Penngaroo -8 days ago

    how are people in comments saying they are confused he literally explains it perfectly

    YTAXXO8 days ago

    If you remember Dr trayaurus you’re a good