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  • Super duper Hamza
    Super duper Hamza16 hours ago

    I love mincraft

  • Mr.Noob567
    Mr.Noob56716 hours ago


  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith16 hours ago

    Why did the boarded up windows remind me of hello neighbour

  • TvMusic { } TvGames
    TvMusic { } TvGames16 hours ago

    22:16 Me: *Realizing I have not heard that ringtone in years, but recognized it* 😮😮😮😮😮

  • Mr.Noob567
    Mr.Noob56716 hours ago

    That guy can just... Suck many eggs." Dan being weird - 2021

  • Jacob Banks
    Jacob Banks16 hours ago

    when is the next shady oaks coming out

  • Mr.Noob567
    Mr.Noob56716 hours ago

    Claim your: "here before 1 million views ticket"

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson16 hours ago

    what is the pin

  • Dylan Westgarth
    Dylan Westgarth16 hours ago

    Anyone else think they had set an alarm when Dan woke the 'puppies' at 22:30?

  • Aminul Haque
    Aminul Haque16 hours ago

    The thing that makes it less creepy is ur reaction and that u can get more hats

  • Barraq Dzakwan
    Barraq Dzakwan16 hours ago

    Who watching this in 2021?

  • Austyn Oxendine
    Austyn Oxendine16 hours ago

    omg you are purple guy

  • Cat Man
    Cat Man16 hours ago

    A tamer tames animals

  • RspL W D
    RspL W D16 hours ago

    NerdTDM plays Minecraft (no hard feelings ت)

  • Cookie Run Kdom Bey
    Cookie Run Kdom Bey16 hours ago

    Today I'm gonna play........ My mom:OH HELLO THEIR is my joke is bad or not if isn't bad Click this | | v

  • Spifer
    Spifer16 hours ago

    I just realized Dan I short for Daniel and tdm mean the dim one mincart

  • Bro-Z Perfect
    Bro-Z Perfect16 hours ago

    That picture which you said "this is the guy" to, is litterally copied from a video of Grian

  • cable quality
    cable quality16 hours ago

    Nostalgia from 2015

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith16 hours ago

    One of the best horror maps god has seen in his 9999999999999 years

  • random guy -
    random guy -16 hours ago

    Dan collab with TOMMYinnit

  • RealSandman 91
    RealSandman 9116 hours ago

    Commenting on Dan's videos until he does a Nostalgia week

    YOUTUBIA16 hours ago

    How many times did he say im dead🙄

  • Epic Animations
    Epic Animations16 hours ago

    Ya know the glasses are kinda growing on me 😊

  • Simple Recipes by Tas
    Simple Recipes by Tas16 hours ago

    Dan play subzero

  • lesley hirst
    lesley hirst16 hours ago

    I drink blood

  • im_an_epic_gamer
    im_an_epic_gamer16 hours ago

    1:25 my Redstone brain is triggered by the fact that he just called a observer a dispenser. also dan is a boomer

  • Tokyo Op
    Tokyo Op16 hours ago

    Dan the old man in the middle of the painting was an monster of an old map you played

  • Ayelen Castro
    Ayelen Castro16 hours ago

    Estoy perdido means I'm lost in Spanish It's good being Argentinian 😊

  • Super duper Hamza
    Super duper Hamza16 hours ago

    I'm a you tuber its hard to make vids u need to edit and stuff wich takes sooo long

  • Blurp _
    Blurp _16 hours ago

    Dantdm 2021 👓

  • Pia Keyt
    Pia Keyt16 hours ago

    I bet it has your exact name, cause you paid someone to make this map for you

  • Jason Zhang
    Jason Zhang16 hours ago


  • rahimuddin mohammed
    rahimuddin mohammed16 hours ago

    Memories cause he never did horror maps in a while

  • • Clover •
    • Clover •16 hours ago

    DanTDM is the only USplanr whos merch shirts are arfordardable and not £21.00

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith16 hours ago

    Dan: Duration is 30 minutes The video: c-c-can we double that The video's duration:My power is doubled...

  • Angel Fox
    Angel Fox16 hours ago

    He say most of you aren’t subbed but he has 24.5M

  • Andrew Rossi
    Andrew Rossi16 hours ago

    Yes good scary horror map scaring the life outta Dan Lol

  • Quack Quack
    Quack Quack16 hours ago

    Tracked his address through his name lol

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith16 hours ago

    Dan: Duration is 30 minutes The video: c-c-can we double that The video's duration:My power is doubled...

  • Shivi Ashokkumr
    Shivi Ashokkumr16 hours ago

    Is this dantdm or harry potter

  • Ali Ahi
    Ali Ahi16 hours ago

    Dan please bring back grim and Dr trayaurus

  • Turtle Brother Captain ,Alexander
    Turtle Brother Captain ,Alexander16 hours ago

    cozmo costs $500...

  • Raisya Sefa Fahira
    Raisya Sefa Fahira16 hours ago

    yeah isn't that illegal!!!

  • Sky High
    Sky High16 hours ago

    I see that BallisticSquid is an LOTR fan

  • Data Usage
    Data Usage16 hours ago

    noice glasses tho

  • Rayanna Granger
    Rayanna Granger16 hours ago

    I litterly looked this up for nostalgia. Oh the good old days of me watching DNA okay FNAF cuz I was too scared to play it myself

  • Tahir 1
    Tahir 116 hours ago

    Shrek the anzac ending I wanted

  • Sniper?
    Sniper?16 hours ago

    How is there a clone!

  • Fionn bradley
    Fionn bradley16 hours ago

    Dan : he ate one. Me : six is female!!!!!!

  • Felix White
    Felix White16 hours ago

    Minecraft maps were made by Dan since 3 years - 4 years and he’s back!!

  • Martin Alexander
    Martin Alexander16 hours ago

    so so old

  • Amanda Gilreath
    Amanda Gilreath16 hours ago

    Dan nice glasses but do you remember the the toy bird egg

    JONATHAN COOK16 hours ago

    I cant whatch this

  • saad qunipy
    saad qunipy16 hours ago

    iron man

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith16 hours ago

    Now we know Dan's middle name

  • jasleen Kaur
    jasleen Kaur16 hours ago

    omg I got so many jump scares

  • Mike Borshinsky
    Mike Borshinsky16 hours ago

    I wanted him to play the easter egg

  • D6m0n K!d
    D6m0n K!d16 hours ago


  • Sniperpc1
    Sniperpc116 hours ago

    Know what a shulker box is?

  • Derrik Calkins
    Derrik Calkins16 hours ago

    When did you get glasses

  • Otamatune - 900 years ago
    Otamatune - 900 years ago16 hours ago


  • •that one Wolf girl•
    •that one Wolf girl•16 hours ago

    6:40 you got in detention at the right time because baldina was so close to your right

  • NotCourty
    NotCourty16 hours ago

    Lol bedrock already had lava cauldrons

  • Hans Fernando Ticona Frederiksen 8C
    Hans Fernando Ticona Frederiksen 8C16 hours ago

    you are a hardcore player and you allmost die hahaha

  • UrFBIAgent
    UrFBIAgent16 hours ago

    "If you get lost in the woods, stay away from the smiling man.." "..." *"MAAAAAAAAAAAAN"*

  • The Visitor
    The Visitor16 hours ago

    Ralsei is asriel scrambled up

  • TBNRacPlayz
    TBNRacPlayz16 hours ago


  • Dylan And bt7274
    Dylan And bt727416 hours ago

    Play subnautica agian

  • Olim Pather
    Olim Pather16 hours ago

    That one moment scared out the poop out of me.

  • Jug jug playz
    Jug jug playz16 hours ago

    6:15 mmm 🤔 top 50 funniest dantdm moments... oh ye no not the villager the laugh

  • Elijah_RL
    Elijah_RL16 hours ago

    Og tdm at his prime

  • Alfie Mansfield
    Alfie Mansfield16 hours ago

    Dan wheres the u and tommyinnit stream the lucky blocks

  • 不知取什么名aaa
    不知取什么名aaa16 hours ago

    Fun fact:the pre order hat (mokujin hat) translate from Japanese to Chinese is 木人 which stands for wood people/person in english

  • vanny games
    vanny games16 hours ago

    after i watched this i had a nightmare

  • Epic Noob
    Epic Noob16 hours ago

    "He is dead, so we good" DanTDM 2021

  • anju singh
    anju singh16 hours ago

    I am in 2021

  • finley ellis
    finley ellis16 hours ago

    3:25 there's an amoung us character in the pile of money

  • Totally air
    Totally air16 hours ago